Óbuda University - CUDA Teaching Center

CUDA lessons (BSc/MSc/PhD students)

GPU Programming
Lecture notes
Lesson Topic Course notes
1 Introduction
Evolution of GPUs, Command line compiler, Tools
2 Kernels
Kernel launch, 1D-2D index space, Examples
3 Multiple blocks
Grid concept, Synchronization
4 Memory concept
Off-chip memory, Dynamic allocation, On-chip memory
5 Atomic operations
Atomic operations, Fast reduction
6 Streams and Events
Streams, Events, Multiple GPUs
7 Optimization
Device management, Occupancy, Memory access, Warp divergence
8 CUDA libraries
cuBLAS, cuRAND, Thrust
9 OpenCL
Build and run OpenCL applications

Downloadable materials
File Description Link
Training_student.zip Visual Studio 2015 solution
Feladatok.pdf Feladatok.pdf